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BIFROST Spectro-interferometric Imager

The BIFROST instrument will open the field of high-spectral resolution interferometry for VLTI and extend the accessible wavelength range down to 1.0 micrometer, covering the Y, J, and H band. These bands include exquisite spectral line tracers that have not be accessible with interferometry before, including the hydrogen Paschen-beta 1.282 micrometer, Pa-gamma 1.094 micrometer line, the [Fe II] 1.257 micrometer shock-tracing line, and the He I 1.083 micrometer accretion-tracing line.

Mapping the origin of these line at high spatial and high spectral resolution will unlock powerful venues for studying accretion and mass-loss processes at the early and late stages of stellar evolution, for detecting accreting protoplanets around young stars, for exoplanet spectroscopy, and for probing the spin-orbit alignment in multiple star systems and directly-imaged planetary systems.

The project is funded through the ERC Consolidator Grant 'GAIA-BIFROST'.

Please include the following acknowledgment in all publications related to BIFROST or using BIFROST data: "BIFROST received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant No. 101003096)."

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